Yerba Mate Tea

The most devout yerba mate worshippers still insist on brewing their tea in the traditional gourd but using a modern coffee pot does not decrease the health benefits. Serve your yerba mate over ice as an accompaniment to a meal or refreshing drink or enjoy it hot and freshly brewed. An experienced mate drinker needs no additional flavoring in their cup and may think less of those who do but if you prefer your tea to be sweet simply add in a bit of honey or sugar to taste. Ultimately its all about drinking and enjoying the benefits associated with yerba mate regardless of what other people thinks so flavor it, sweeten it, ice it, or enjoy it hot! Just drink it.

Often referred to as “the drink of the gods”, yerba mate is really the most popular social beverage in South America. It’s known to give the identical energy benefits of coffee with a lot of other health benefits that coffee does not have and it’s consumed to increase clarity and wellness. The most common form you will find yerba mate in is a bag full of loose leaf dried and ground tea. It can also be purchased in tea bags for easier brewing but the loose leaf tea can be brewed in a coffee pot with a good filter. The traditional drinking of yerba mate is in a gourd with a silver straw known as a bombilla. Ordinarily It is considered an honor to be asked to join a yerba mate circle. The mate host will always drink the 1st cup and after pouring more water into it he or she will pass it about the circle.

Tea brewed from yerba mate usually has a very strong, bitter flavour and may take time for a taste to be acquired for it. You can relax knowing that the many benefits claimed by drinking yerba mate will offset the time needed to develop a liking for it. It is said that drinking this tea can be a version of meditation which allows stimulation of the mind while infusing the body with positive energy and immune boosting properties. Mate tea isn’t only a great source for caffeine it is also composed of numerous vitamins, essential minerals, polyphenols, crucial amino acids all wrapped up with some great antioxidants. Similar in some ways to green tea, yerba mate is far better at protecting the body with strong antioxidants that act as a boost to the immune system and a preventative against cellular destruction often caused by cancer. Other benefits consumers might expect from daily consumption of yerba mate tea are: extra energy, clearer mind, improved mood, better sleep, less hunger, relief from allergies, and some claim a decrease in the risks for stroke or heart attack.

Most yerba mate drinkers will agree that the tea can increase mental focus and provide sustainable energy. Studies were performed on those who typically suffered from bad reactions to caffeine that showed strong results in favor of yerba mate. Those previously unable to comfortable consume caffeine were able to enjoy mate infusions and its energy benefit without side effects. It was even suggested that drinking yerba mate can help to eliminate the growth of bacteria in the mouth that normally cause halitosis. It has also been used by indigenous people in some areas of South America as a digestive aid to treat gastrointestinal disorders.

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