Top 5 Pizzerias in Dublin

Italian foods have become extremely popular and are the most-sought after cuisine in the world. This is primarily because of the distinctive taste of the Italian dishes – created out of simple local ingredients and the application of unique and complicated cooking techniques.

It is oven-baked round and flat bread with tomato sauce and cheese as its traditional ingredients. The taste of this greatly varies depending on the type of toppings used in the preparation. It is available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian flavors – as both vegetables items like mushrooms and spinach, and non-vegetarian items like chicken and pork are used.

In cities like Dublin, which is far away from the homeland of food, it have been opened in order to satisfy the huge demand for this Italian masterpiece. Some of the most popular food in Dublin are:

I. Credo Pizza: It located in Montague Street has earned its reputation as one of the best pizzerias in the city. They import the best flour from Italy. To make the dough, a long fermentation method is carried out. This result in the creation of a light, thin and crispy base topped with fresh and delicious sauces and ingredients. Some popular food is Napolitana Pizza, Goat & Nut Pizza.

II. Flanagan’s Restaurant: This family-run restaurant operating since 1980 is located in the Upper O’Connell Street. Famed as a warm traditional Irish restaurant, visitors love the section upstairs which delivers some amazing stone baked pizzas. Some popular pizzas available at this restaurant are Veggie Delight Pizza, Pollo Cajun Pizza.

III. Four Star Pizza: It located in numerous regions of Dublin specializes in New York-style food making. They ensure that every bite which is taken reminds of the typical NYC flavors. Therefore, intense care is taken in making the dough and using the ingredients and toppings. Some popular pizzas available in the Four Star Pizza are Vita Veg Pizza, Feed the Meater Pizza and SoHo So Hot Pizza.

IV. Toscana Restaurant: Located on Dame Street, it is one of the best Italian restaurants in Dublin. The Toscana Restaurant has become an iconic eating place in the city. They boast of growing more than 70% of the ingredients used in the kitchen. Therefore the focus is on serving the customers with top-quality Italian dishes. What stand out from the menu are available here. Some popular ones are Caprese Pizza, Toscana Pizza.

V. The Gotham Cafe: The Gotham Cafe is located in Anne Street South. It has a cool, casual and laid-back environment, focusing on producing top-quality foods at the most reasonable prices. Adding delight to the menu are their signature food cooked on their imported stone oven. Some popular pizzas available here are Spanish Harlem Pizza, TriBeCa Pizza etc.

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