The Benefits of Kombucha Mushroom

Dating back over two thousand years, kombucha mushroom has been used for many generations to make a fermented tea. Primarily used in East Asia, this wonderful fermented drink is widely renowned for the health benefits it presents. Although not officially recognised as a fungus, this mushroom like culture is harvested and used in a fermenting process to make a tea like drink. All of the plant is used in the brewing procedure and very little of the plant is left to waste. Also known as Manchurian tea, this fermented health drink is becoming increasingly popular in the western world, with more and more people experiencing the benefits that it can bring.

When the kombucha mushroom is fermented it undergoes a chemical change. The complicated chemical change that occurs helps release all the vital nutrients that make it suitable for human consumption. Although the chemical process is complex to understand, the fungus is renowned for releasing an intricate balance of vitamins, amino acids and natural antibiotics.

Kombucha Mushrooms have long been widely recognised for their healing properties. German medical studies have revealed that the fermented fungus has the ability to enhance the body’s immune system. Regular consumers of Kombucha tea find themselves healthier and less prone to infection and illness. With the ability to detoxify the body, this remarkable fungus is held in wide reserve in many different countries and cultures.

Many people are surprised at just how easy it is to brew Kombucha at home. Unlike other brewing procedures, Kombucha tea is a simple process to follow. Kombucha Mushroom is added to a mixture of black or green tea with a little added sugar. The mixture is then left in a warm place to slowly ferment for six to ten days. Once the fermentation period is complete, the mushroom is removed and the tea is ready to be consumed.

The process of making this wonderful healthy tea is very easy to complete in the home environment. When brewing the tea at home, you must be careful to keep your fungus free from contamination. As with all food hygiene, cleanliness and temperature is the key to completing the process successfully. Although the Kombucha Mushroom has many beneficial nutrients, there is no guarantee that this health drink will help with any underlying illness. If unsure about consuming kombucha, always seek the opinion of a medical professional.

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