Teach You How to Choose Your Own Biscuits

Biscuits are a common snack, as a snack or added diet, it is convenient and easy to carry, and has become an integral part of a food in the daily life. However, with the increasing variety of biscuits, consumers are increasingly confused which kind is suitable for themselves. Coupled with the increasing modern health awareness, simply depending on personal taste preferences, I fear it is adverse to our health.

First, it is soda crackers. Soda crackers is that first put yeast in part of the wheat flour, and then transferred into a dough, and by the long period of time of fermentation, add some wheat flour, and after short fermentation to make the soda crackers. Its advantages are less sugar and oil. However, you should note that eating soda crackers can increase sodium intake, and can raise blood pressure, and increase edema; in addition, eat soda crackers can increase fat intake, and it is more likely to put on weight, increase the risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Second, many old people like to eat whole wheat digestive biscuits. Whole meal digestive biscuits are made of flour which do not remove the bran and wheat ground into powder, which is darker than the refined flour color we generally eat, and the taste is rougher, but because retains a large number of vitamins, minerals, fiber in the bran, so with the higher nutritional value. This kind of biscuits contains relatively high cellulose content. But because cellulose taste is poor, for the improve cellulose taste, and have a shortening effect, it may be added a lot of oil, so that there is the relatively high fat content, which is easy to elevate the blood lipids and prevent the heart disease.

Third, many children like to eat sandwich biscuits. To make different flavors of cookies, the key is to add different accessories, such as oil, sugar, milk, eggs and other flavors of the spices. The fat content of ordinary biscuit is not high, but have a sandwich, the fat and sugar content was significantly increased, and become high-calorie food. In the production of biscuits, flour, fat and sugar are added in it, so it is high in calories, especially cookies, sweet crisp sandwich crackers. Although the taste is sweet, it is high in heat. If you need to supply heat in short period of time, this kind of biscuits is a good choice. But if you need to control your weight, as well as high cholesterol, or patients with high blood sugar, you should try to eat less or not eat biscuits.

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