How Does Ice Cream Fit Into Weight Loss Success Plan?

Ice cream is one of my favorite foods…higher the fat the better. This has been the main comfort food in my life-my drug of choice for stuffing down my feelings. This may be because fat boosts serotonin levels. Of course, there are healthier fats to achieve that won’t cause my waistline to explode. But I love ice texture, the flavors, the temperature, the feel in my  I refuse to diet and give up my favorite foods. So how do I get to eat ice cream and not sabotage my weight loss success?

I make the choice to eat really good ice cream…consciously and in small quantities.

good ice cream food drinks photo

What does that mean?

It means that rather than grabbing the pint or carton and eating out of it with a soup spoon while I watch then being surprised as I scrape the bottom of the now-empty container…I actually get out a small bowl and dish out a scoop. I give myself full permission to thoroughly enjoy that if I still want more I can always come back later.

Eating the low-fat versions of ice cream doesn’t cut it…I just want to eat more. And if I do, then I feel bad about it. Double whammy. I’ve actually eaten MORE calories AND I berate myself for the eating it all. I’m better off really savoring the good stuff. I find I am satisfied and want it less often.

And forget about any of the “treats” that are filled with artificial sweeteners. Studies show that artificial sweeteners actually stimulate hunger in us and INCREASE of cravings for simple carbohydrates. Rather than aiding in our weight loss by reducing calories, these desserts set us up for failure, and if we don’t know that there is truly chemical, biological evidence that they are the culprit, we put the blame on our own shoulders. We beat ourselves up over our lack of willpower once that does not help you to achieve your weight loss goals at all.

I’ve tried other “frozen desserts” and haven’t found one that for me has the same mouth feel as real ice cream. But if you can’t tolerate milk or a vegan there are some decent alternatives made from soy and even rice. Keep in mind they still have lots of are desserts after for many of us sugars can trigger wanting more. And I ate them when I was told I couldn’t handle is just as easy to shovel in excess quantities of these frozen desserts as it is ice cream.

A relative new-comer to the frozen dessert market is ice cream made from goat’s milk. Look for the brand Laloo’s near the other gourmet ice cream brands: largely available in health food and natural food stores. Goat’s milk is lower in lactose, so you may be able to handle it even if you can’t comfortably partake of cow’s milk. The fat in goat’s milk is easier for our bodies to break  there is naturally less fat in goat’s milk than cow’s milk so this may be a good choice if you can get it locally or want to order online (available at)

The way to successfully have ice cream (or any dessert…frozen or otherwise) as part of your food plan is to change your mindset about weight loss and food. Allow yourself to have foods you enjoy.

Make conscious decisions about eating rather than grabbing foods without thinking or stuffing down your feelings with a pint of mint chocolate chip.

Choose the best treat for you regarding size, flavor, and content. Start with small servings-knowing you can always go back and get more if you truly want it!

Then thoroughly savor each bit that enters your mouth.