Seb Rametta The Success Secret Of the Original SoupMan

Despite the fact that the Original SoupMan restaurants earned enormous success primarily from the lip smacking recipes of Al Yeganeh, it was the strategic vision and business acumen of the legendary Seb Rametta that enabled this small New York City storefront to transform into a national brand. Mr. Rametta’s ability to give a practical shape to his ideas combined with his skill of taking calculated business risks has placed him as one of the most reputed leaders and pioneers in the food service industry.

Through his farsightedness and sheer genius, Mr. Rametta has created one of the most popular soup brands that have expanded beyond the boundaries of nation and continents. Having over 25 years of experience in the food industry, he has become an integral part of the success story of the Original SoupMan and is still contributing actively towards its current and future growth. In addition to having vast knowledge about the various aspects of food industry including franchising, food manufacturing, restaurant operations, logistics, supply chain and menu development, he is capable of single handedly and efficiently managing the different departments of the company.

Consistency is perhaps the most admired aspect of the personality of Mr. Seb Rametta. It is this trait of his that has helped him maintain the superior quality and standards with which he started all his ventures and used to turn them into a huge conglomerate. He is relentless in his attention to detail as well as his in his zeal to make people experience the soups as they were meant to be experienced.

Today, the multi-channel company founded by Seb Rametta consists of franchise restaurants, a retail collection of premium “heat-n-serve” frozen soups, and a recently re-launched website business. Despite being placed at the pinnacle of the food industry, MR. Rametta takes a deep interest in the everyday operations of his business and is personally involved in issues related to development of strategic relationships, joint ventures, and product development as well as taking feedback and learning from customer experience.

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