Seb Rametta Planning To Expand The Original SoupMan Network

The fact that no success is too big for Seb Rametta, the founder of Original SoupMan, has once again been proven with the news about Rametta’s intentions of taking up the number of his kiosks in America and Canada to 1000. With thousands of people practically addict to the wide range of authentic and lip smacking soups offered by Original SoupMan it is only natural to think that an increased number of kiosks will not only prove profitable for Mr. Seb Rametta but will also enable an increased number of people to taste soup in their original form.

As per reports Seb Rametta also intends to introduce some changes into the 500 kiosks of Original SoupMan that are currently operating across America and Canada. Although, it has not been confirmed yet, Rametta plans to change his kiosks into fast-casual and deli style outlets. This new strategy is obviously being introduced to attract a greater number of young patrons to the kiosks. The introduction of “heat-n-serve” soups in 2005 that could be purchased across the counter and came with the trademark taste and qualities of the Original SoupMan soups has been considered by many as a truly strategic business decision which displays the ability of Mr. Seb Rametta to understand and initiate business changes according to current trends.

Mr. Rametta is renowned for his unique business acumen and strategic vision and it is being speculated that these measures will definitely help in the further growth of the already successful Original SoupMan brand. The unique success story of Mr. Rametta has earned him the respect of both his peers and critics. His ability to turn his ideas into a practical success and skillfully access and analyze the risks and profits associated with a business venture has placed him at the top in the food service industry. His foresight and ability to plan strategic partnerships have helped him helped him take his business to new heights of success on an international level.

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