Miami Cakes And Cupcakes Have Come of Age

In Miami, cakes and sweets are in demand as partygoers and foodies have begun to understand that plain old cakes are simply not the same thing as gourmet cakes. Miami residents have also realized that store bought sweets, even those in a fresh bakery, leave something to be desired. That’s why cake and sweet boutiques have become more and more popular. These specialized bakeries offer exclusive and individual approaches to baked goods. They’re different than a bakery in that they don’t bake their goods until an order has been placed, and they never, ever sell pre-made cakes or other gourmet sweets. Sometimes you just can’t settle for run of the mill baked goods-you need your cupcakes, Miami cakes to stand out and make an impression. Here’s what you’ll find in these specialty sweet shops.

Cupcakes: Miami Loves Them!

One of the most popular items from sweets boutiques lately is cupcakes. You can see them on the Food Network, as well as other popular cooking shows that showcase cupcakes. Miami, like the rest of the country, seems to be enamored with the delicate little sweets, and in a boutique sweet shop, your choices and design options quite literally are endless. Theses scrumptious cupcakes are offered in various flavors, such as delectable butter cream or fondant, and they have an endless array of toppings available. They are decorated by hand and can be as simple as a cupcake with sprinkles or as complicated as tiny roses hand crafted all over the cupcake.

Gourmet Cakes: Miami Creates Them!

What’s another favorite in Miami? Cakes are always popular as they can be custom created in order to match the theme of a party, or get a special message across-whether it’s for a birthday, retirement party, gag, or graduation. You can search the catalog of the sweet boutique to find a style you like, or create one of your own. The yummy flavors that most sweet boutiques offer range from vanilla bean, chocolate, red velvet, rose champagne, amaretto, espresso, fruit and even Guinness beer cake.

Miami cakes such as smash cakes are also offered by the boutiques, and are a customer favorite. These unique cakes are made pinata style and are constructed of chocolate and candy. They’re made hollow inside so that the goodies can be stored inside of them, just like a real pinata. Some people choose to use traditional candy, or for a more grown up version, many people include small liquor bottles and other adult party favors in order to spice up the party.

Whether you are looking for that perfect wedding cake, the ideal groom cake, a few dozen cupcakes for your five year old daughter or some Miami cakes for your aging parents, you can’t wrong by ordering them from a sweet boutique. You won’t find run of the mill cakes there, but instead unique and well thought out gourmet cakes. Miami is known for its parties and celebrations, and its baked goods and pastries are no exception.

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