Maamoul Served As Dessert

You are craving a sweet treat but don’t want the usually chocolate or cake. At the same time you want something healthy. Nothing is better than couple pieces of Maamoul to satisfy your desire. They are sweet, healthy, and tasty.

Chocolate and cake are the usual dessert, but of the most time, you are bored of them. It is true that they exist everywhere and they are very easy to get, but you often want something more exotic, something different. You might also want something healthier than these calorie packed treats.

Maamoul is your choice in this case. It is great for personal consumption as well as to offer to your friends as dessert when inviting them to your home. When you have people coming over for dinner, you usually worry the most about the actual dinner you are offering them, and you don’t spend much time worrying about the dessert. This is true for most people even though this part of the menu is as important as the actual food. You might spend the most amount of time preparing the best diversified menu making sure that each person would find what he likes but not spend more than five minutes preparing the dessert menu.

This last part is the most important part of any menu because it is the last thing people eat and thus it is the last thing they remember about the food. It is thus worthwhile to spend a lot of time thinking about what to offer and how to offer it. Making sure it is very taste and delicious should be of utmost importance. Many of your invitees might be eyeing the dessert while consuming their dinner. Many people prefer this last course of the meal the most.

It is always good to have a diversified dessert menu that contains few types from different categories. For example, it is always good to have a cake, some pastries, and a few cookies. When it comes to cookies, Maamoul are a good choice. These cookies are sure to make everyone satisfied. They themselves are much diversified as they come in different flavors. Next to Maamoul, you can offer Baklava as pastries. These nuts filled pastries can complement the cookies on the menu and are much desired by many people. To cover the cakes section, you can serve Nammoura or Sfouf or both. Nammoura would be great for those who like sweet cakes and Sfouf are best for those who prefer light portions.

Maamoul are the cookies of choice to offer as dessert. They are best serve with Baklava as well as Nammoura and Sfouf to complement them. They are enjoyed by many people, and all these three categories are offered together, you are almost guaranteed that everyone will be satisfied.

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