Looking For Quality Baklava In San Diego

With the creation of the first Baklava, it is quite often a wonder if the world knew the kind of magic that had been unleashed upon it. Historians and literary experts have often argued about who invented this dessert and when it was first created, though record shows that the first baklavas were most likely eaten around 8th Century BC by the Assyrians who were claimed to have baked thin pastry-like desserts with fillings made of nuts. Today, you can find authentic quality Baklava in Los Angeles and other cities.

One of the reasons that make baklavas so popular is that this particular dessert is neither too sickly sweet, nor too heavy with cream or fat. And though there is immense confusion about who gets to take the claim, the Baklava is a national favorite of perhaps all the Middle Eastern countries, for instance, Iraq, Palestine, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and many others. But the main idea is that, the first Baklava’s were prepared during the Ottoman regime right inside the imperial kitchens of Topkapi Palace. In fact, history is proof how so many different regions prepare the same dessert in their own traditional process, for instance, the Azerbaijani dish Baki pakhlavasi, made from layers of dough and nuts is similar to the Uzbeki pakhlava, puskal or yupka, and the Tatar popularity called yoka, that are sweet and salty savories made from 10-12 layers of dough are some hearty examples of desserts that resemble the Baklava.

For finding authentic Baklava in New York, one can easily check the local guide books or yellow pages. There are a number of sweet shops that include authentic Arabian sweet chefs who make these traditional desserts. Often one has wondered about the reason why Baklava’s have been so popular forever. There seems to be another underlying reason for so. Within the Ottoman Empire were sultans and viziers who had their personal harems around them. Now pistachios and honey, two of the major elements of a Baklava are wonderful aphrodisiacs, including effervescent spices like cinnamon, cloves and green cardamom. Talk about a major reason to eat this decadent sweet delight.

Another good way to purchase some of this dessert is buying Baklava online. There are a number of wonderful authentic companies that deliver the sweets right at your doorstep. The Baklava has so many geographical variations, yet, it remains immensely popular wherever it goes.

In Turkey, Gaziantep is popular for its famous pistachio baklava while the Baklavas from Aleppo are made with local Syrian pistachios and clarified butter (samna) from Hamah. Baklavas are also the most popular desserts in the Balkan region, Palestine and Iraq, made during the holy month of Ramadan and Eid. The Albanian version of the dessert often includes egg yolks, while the filling is made from walnuts, while in Iran, the baklava is much drier and uses rose-water flavored syrup and often uses a combination of chopped pistachios and almonds and a sprinkling of cardamom, and is much lighter than those of Turkey and Lebanon.

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