It’s Possible to Lose Fat without Starving Yourself

Contrary to popular belief, you need not and you should not starve yourself while trying to lose weight. In fact, not eating enough can actually go against your weight-loss goals. You can even visit a restaurant Ottawa on occasion, as long as you are careful in selecting the dishes that you order. Losing weight is less about how much you eat and more about what you eat. If you are wondering how exactly you can do that, don’t worry because we have you covered.

Avoid Grains and Eat Your Veggies

We will start things off with some classic advice that we have all heard from our parents as kids. Replace bread, rice, pasta, white potato and other grains with cauliflower rice, quinoa, lettuce, yams, almonds, coconut flour and similar green alternatives when you can.

Get Some Protein into Your System

Protein is not only good for building muscle, but it’s also excellent for cutting fat as well. Besides, I am pretty sure you will enjoy a diet rich in eggs, chicken, lean meat, fish, quinoa, walnut, almonds and Greek Yogurt. The important thing here is the cooking; use olive oil and don’t add any flavours. This is also why a French restaurant Ottawa is the perfect choice even when you are on a diet. Most Mediterranean cuisines are rich in protein and quite healthy to begin with.

Get Some Fat into Your System (Seriously!)

Your body cannot function properly without enough fat in your diet. This is good news as you can finally start incorporating some necessary and healthy fatty foods into your daily meals without worrying about gaining weight. This however, does not apply to unhealthy fats found in junk food (burgers, fast meals, fried chicken, canola oil, etc.). Instead, take advantage of the omega 3 fats (flaxseed, fish oil and chia seeds for example) and healthy unsaturated fats (nuts in general, avocado, coconut oil, olive oil and even cashew butter) to keep your hunger at bay and your body on point.

More Meals and Less Volume

The longer you go hungry, the higher the chance that you will end your fast with unhealthy food. The trick is to eat small healthy meals throughout the day than just two or three large meals in the entire day. It keeps your metabolism active, your body energetic and helps you to lose fat. Dried fruits, nuts, and rice cakes are excellent items for healthy snacking on the go.

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Life Weights

Cardiovascular exercises should be the priority when you are trying to lose weight, however you cannot neglect the benefits of lifting weights either. Just as protein cuts fat, muscle replaces fat as well. It speeds up your metabolism and perfectly augments your cardio routine to boost the fat loss process. This applies to both men and women, in spite of what misleading stereotypes may lead you to believe.

Now that you have understood the basics of how this works, you don’t need to starve yourself anymore. In general, though, just keep a tab on what you are eating rather than how much of it you are eating. Couple that with regular, short but diligent workouts at the gym and you will not only be losing fat, but you will be doing so with a smile on your face.

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