Information About Crab Cakes And Clams

Crab Cakes is a wonderful and delicious dish which can be served as an appetizer as well as main course. There are large numbers of recipes to prepare them in cook books, internet or you can get to know about one from you relatives or friends. For preparing crab cakes the first and foremost thing is to choose the crab meat. This is so because there are various kinds of crabs available in different places. However, as far as the tastiest crab is concerned blue crab is considered to be the best. So it is better if you get fresh blue crab meat. However, if you cannot get fresh crab meat then you can purchase canned crab meat but make sure you do not buy fake crab.

The second thing is to choose the recipe you want to cook which you can get in any recipe book or internet. No matter which recipe you choose just make sure that you do not overdo the crab meat when you are mixing it with other ingredients in a bowl because the meat will become tough and the Crab Cakes will not taste good. In many crab cakes recipes bread crumbs, eggs and other fillers are used but best crab cakes are made from only crab meat without any filler.

There is a variety of seafood available for the seafood lovers such as crab cakes, shrimps, lobsters and Clams. They are found on the sea shores and as a result a lot of debris is hidden inside the shells so it is very important to clean them before cooking. There is a procedure for cleaning the clams. Here is the procedure for cleaning them.

First throw away all those clams which are chipped, broken, damaged or are in opened form. Then soak the rest of the clams for at least two hours. Then to wipe off the tight sand inside the clams you will require a bowl of heavily salted water. After this you will have to scrub the clam shells very nicely with the help of a wire brush so that all the sand and dirt is removed. Now the Clams are ready for cooking. You can deep fry them as it is or dip them in bread crumbs before frying. They taste extremely good when dipped in tartar sauce.

Hence with all the information at your finger tips you can easily prepare crab cakes and different clams recipes and surprise your family members.

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