Indian Snacks-Chip And Dip

There are many snacks that can be a chip and dip item in Indian culinary. This is a great concept that is brought about by the Indians. Snacks are the evening time enjoyments of many Indians. People enjoy snacks during watching movies, games or films. Any parties or get-togethers organized anywhere definitely has to have few of these Chip and dip snacks in the menu. Some of the major chips items enjoyed during the evenings are described in the upcoming section.

Bhakri: This is a West Indian snack that is very crispy. This comes from the western region of the state of Gujarat. This is a very tasty item which is surprisingly easy to prepare.

Poppadums: These are now available in various shapes and tastes. Different ingredients are used for its preparation based on the flavor needed. Lentils, rice and even sago are used for its preparation. Poppadams are included in the main meals served at any festivals or occasions like marriage. They are also generally served at the end of the meal too.

Naans: This item is served as a starter in many restaurants. For that they are flavored in different ways. Sweet, sour and hot tastes of items are available as per the taste and requirement. Simple naan is generally used as a main course item served with side dishes. They are large breads prepared in a special type of furnace generally called the tandoor. Tandoor naans and rotis have evolved from the Mughal era. Naans are cut into various shapes as desired and served with a favorite dip.

Chapati Crispies: This is a technique used in many houses in order to make use of the left over chapati in a useful way. Left over chapattis or fresh ones made for the purpose can be fried to make them tasty crispies to be served with some dips of our choice. Once prepared, they can be stored in air tight containers for a couple of days and can be had later.

Pyaaz Ki Chutney: This great tasting chutney will go well with any sort of snack or roti item. This can also be used as a tasty spread.

Baingan Ka Bharta: This is a vegetarian item which is famous for its beautiful consistency. This is favorite dip by many snackies.

Aloo Dip: This is a famous North Indian item which is mainly made out of potato. Aloo ka Bharta is the one which is cause of the evolution of this dip. Many restaurants in Delhi serve this.

Minty Yougurt Dip: Chips and dippers are mainly served with this dip which is very similar to raita. This also forms a great combination with rice resulting in the popular dish called the Pulav.

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