How to Explore a Culture from a Plate of Fried Rice

It can’t be denied that Indonesia is one of the most beautiful countries in the whole world. This archipelago is stretched throughout the equator line making a tropical haven. Tourists are coming to Indonesia to explore its beautiful nature and also its exotic culture. This country has very diverse culture from hundreds of tribes living throughout the thousands islands. This melting pot of cultures make this country very exciting to discover. You can’t explore a culture without exploring its cuisine.

Indonesian cuisine is unique because there are different styles of cuisine from different tribes and not to mention the influence of foreign culture. The cuisine in Sumatra can be very different from the ones from Central Java or from Moluccas Islands. That what makes exploring Indonesia through cuisine is even more exciting. But everywhere throughout this country, there’s one very popular and much loved dish and that is the fried rice. You can find fried rice from the very humble street food stalls, or locally known as kaki lima, to the most prestigious fine dining restaurant. It always become the go-to food choice when you don’t know what to order. Just choose fried rice because it will never go wrong.

Fried rice is a clear proof how Chinese cuisine has huge influence in Indonesian cuisine. It brought here by Chinese merchants and immigrants coming to this archipelago centuries ago. Since then, local people embraces fried rice as their own including creating their own local version of fried rice. When we are talking about fried rice, we can find many varieties of this dish. This humble dish meets with local cuisine cultures creating new varieties. There is fried rice with curry spices we can find in northern part of Sumatra where Indian and Middle Eastern culture has huge influence. In most Java, fried rice is much sweeter as it uses sweet soy sauce. It is not to mention different palates from different places creating huge varieties of fried rice. Isn’t it really interesting you can explore a culture from a dish of fried rice.

Off course, Indonesian cuisine is way more than just fried rice. But from this humble dish we can learn how different cultures mixed in this archipelago creating a very exotic country to explore. So, there’s no more reason to not visiting Indonesia. Summer vacation season is coming near. Don’t miss the opportunity to spend it in this beautiful tropical country.

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