How to Drink Oolong Tea in a Right Way

Compare oolong tea with green tea and black tea, it could stimulate pancreatic fat to decompose enzyme activity, which can effectively reduce the absorption of carbohydrates and fats, also can promote our body to produce more heat, and promote fat burning. It will help us to get rid of high blood pressure, high blood fat and high blood sugar. Then how could we get the best slimming effect by drinking it?

1- You had better soak oolong tea with hot water without sugar. And you must not drink it at once after meals, it is proper to drink one hour after dinner. Drinking tea should also base on different constitution. And if you feel discomfort, stomach pains and insomnia after drinking tea. You had better stop it. And when you are soaking tea, you had better control water temperature between 80 – to 90 – . And you had better drink up it after 30-60 minutes, otherwise the nutrition in the tea will be oxidized.

2- If you have eaten too greasy food, you had better eat together with oolong tea, because it could expel greasy. The general dosage for one day is 10 g tea leaves with 1 liter of hot water, and divide it into 10 cups and insist on drinking it every day.

The misunderstandings of weight loss on it

1- you can drink it with empty stomach, otherwise it is easy to feel hungry, even dizzy and nausea.

2- you must not drink it before sleep, otherwise you can not fall sleep.

3- you must not drink cold oolong, because it is with cold sex, which is bad to your stomach.

Reminds, because there are more tea polyphenols and caffeine than others, it is easy to hurt our body. So you should be careful to reduce with it. You must not increase drinking amount because you want to reduce weight at once. And it will hurt our health if you want to drink too much and reduce weight at once. And if you want to have a better slimming effect, you can have a try on Bee Pollen Weight Loss, it could help you quickly control your appetite and increase the metabolism.

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