How to Avoid Most Cooking Mistakes

Being new to cooking can be a little intimidating, but once you learn the basics it can become very fun and enjoyable. While it is not hard to learn how to cook, there are many mistakes that one can make that can make you feel a little discouraged about your cooking skills.

Below I’ll show you a few common mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.

Patience: One big issue that can instantly ruin any attempt to create a meal is impatience. If you find that you don’t have the time to cook, don’t be upset when whatever your making comes out with an over-cooked outside and a medium-rare inside. This can also be seen by shoddy workmanship with your ingredients- if you don’t take the time to properly cut up your vegetables, measure your sugar properly, or skip an easy step � such as oiling the pan � you bring the risk of your meal being lack luster much higher than it would be if you took the time to prepare your food and cooked it with the necessary time and patience.

Cooking Pasta and Rice: Another issue many novice chefs have is pasta and rice. Be sure to read the box as pasta and rice cook at different temperatures depending on the type of starch and how it is cut. Nobody likes overcooked pasta or crunchy rice, so make sure you follow the directions!

Don’t Dry it Out: Something else that often arises is food being too dry. With meats, simply add a bit of broth or water to the pan to increase juiciness. Never overcook meat by using a meat thermometer to ensure the right temperature. A helpful hint for baked goods, especially cakes, is to use milk instead of water � increasing the moisture while adding a richer flavor. Also, if you are trying to cook something like vegetables or tofu, adding a bit of butter or oil to the pan will easily reduce the risk of over cooking your entrees.

The main concern is to not get frustrated! If you find yourself confused about a recipe, don’t get upset with yourself, simply find your mistake and see if you can fix it with an easy remedy. Also, remember that with some patience and a little practice, you’ll be preparing dishes that will improve exponentially as your confidence level increases.

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