Have You Tried London Afternoon Tea

From here, around 1840, many as a way to escape hunger afternoon adopted the afternoon tea. Most of the British to that question had only two meals a day: breakfast and dinner. The Duchess of Bedford, around 16:00, which would begin to get hungry and ask for tea and sandwiches or little cakes, introduced the idea of afternoon tea. This bridged the gap between breakfast and dinner traditionally late that the British were accustomed. Today, afternoon tea is not as popular as it once was. Many of us now have a great meal from room to help the working days, with a break for tea is usually just a drink alone as a refreshing choice for a coffee break. It is actually beginning to adjust though. Much more and more individuals are adopting the idea of entry for the tea again, if your celebratory occasion or simply as a pleasure for themselves and their loved ones.

These teas are the way these days to have a luxurious, relaxing afternoon with a friend, enjoy each other’s company and have the reassurance that you will be looked after to the largest standard, while enjoying delicious food.

Many 5 star hotels and high-end within the region now provide the selection of afternoon tea with tea rooms, and all have shown in-demand this tradition is, however, even in the 21 st century. Traditional afternoon tea is still served, and has not been altered over the centuries. You will be served tea or coffee in the pot, and is typically accompanied by a selection of cucumber, smoked salmon, cheese, eggs or cold meat sandwiches, followed by cakes, pastries and cookies.

These provide a light lunch, easy to digest that does not ruin your appetite for dinner, and gives a good opportunity to socialize and catch up with old friends.

So, where you can find this indulgent treatment right here in Britain? Many hotels and tea rooms of the nation soon will give you the chance to enjoy afternoon tea, and below are some suggestions:

The Ritz, LondonThe Ritz advice may seem obvious, but if you want a real, world famous afternoon tea, there’s no better place than the Ritz. Observing a strict code of formal wear, including the rest of the luxury Ritz is the same, its clear to see why they are famous tea. They offer a menu selection, including the traditional choice, afternoon tea, champagne, tea and party for a special occasion for a loved one. The Ritz offers a perfect afternoon tea experience, but beware that the reservation should be at least 12 weeks in advance.

Thoresby Hall, NottinghamshireThoresby Hall is a famous country house hotel on the edge of Sherwood Forest, and offers an idyllic setting for those who want to enjoy this experience tea. They serve traditional tea in the beautiful Great Hall, and also offer the opportunity to take a walk in the park home after finishing indulge!

Radisson Edwardian, Manchester and LondonThe Radisson Edwardian offers a great afternoon tea, 4 to 5 star hotel in central Manchester and all over central London, as well as Heathrow. The choice of sandwiches, cakes, biscuits and tea is vast, and offer a convenient escape the city center.

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