Green Tea For a New You

Have you been feeling a little low lately? Depressed or heavy for no reason at all? Is your face suddenly breaking out in acne or your hair looking pretty dry and lifeless? These may be signs of an unhealthy diet. Sometimes we can get so caught up with our day-to-day activities that we hardly notice what we shove into our mouths. Burgers, fries, pizza slices. All of these may seem delicious in the beginning, but a closer look reveals that they are nothing but junk. Not to mention highly toxic that may do more damage to our bodies than we imagine.

While man-made food may not always be the healthiest, nature provide us with food and elements that are. Ever noticed how products made with all natural products always work best? If you have been battling some problems with your health or self-esteem, it can all boil down to one thing. Your diet. After all, what you put in your body has a direct effect on your outlook in life. It’s just like feeding your engine with the best oil there is to make sure it is running effectively. You wouldn’t put used cooking oil in your car’s engine would you? So why do you treat your bodies as less valuable than these machines?

Green tea provides us with antioxidants, fluoride, tannins, peace of mind and an alternative to sugar-laden treats. It is also a means for you to start a whole new life as someone who is in harmony with the universe. Starting off your day with a cup of green tea while meditating on what you really want from life is a good way to turn your life around and see it for what it should be.

When you move as one with the universe, that is when you are able to fully realize your full potential. Find happiness as you go with nature’s flow; for it is only then that you can you break away from what holds you back.

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