Green Tea – Best From Japan

The most wonderful gift from the two Asian countries, Chaina and Japan to the mankind is the green tea. This wonderful tea is becoming more and more favorite of all due to its health benefits. Nevertheless when we study more intricately the topic of green tea, we can note that there are different categories of green tea and the health benefits offered by each of them alter. As observed by the scientific trials the matcha green tea powder has the greatest amount of nutritious properties.

Matcha is a kind of powdered green tea made use of mainly in the Japanese Tea Ceremony. This ancient ritual has a great impact of Zen Buddhism on it. Matcha green tea also possesses the best aroma and hence today it is even made use of for adding flavor to various sweets, for example cookies, ice creams, biscuits, cakes, and so on. Owing to the addition of matcha tea these delicacies get a tempting green color as well.

Matcha is manufactured by harvesting the tea plant in shadow therefore in less sunlight. Owing to this chlorophyll gets collected within the plant presenting it a characteristic sweetness and taste. Similarly the amount of amino acids and antioxidants too grows in these shrubs. In these plants the topmost newly developed leaves are sought for producing matcha green tea. This sort of leaves are silkier and suppler than full developed leaves. Moreover they contain most of the nutritional elements. These leaves are kept spread flat for drying, following which they crush a little. Veins and stems are separated from them and further they are ground with stone mortar to create finely crushed matcha of brilliant green hue. 1 hour is necessary to powder thirty grams of matcha. This sort of leaves are termed as tencha. Owing to the great quantity of amino acids in this kind of leaves, matcha tea nutritious properties are the highest of all the green teas.

Matcha is prepared mainly in 2 fashions, viz. thick as well as thin. Thick tea is known as koicha and thin one is called usucha. Characteristic sieves are made use of for filtering matcha. A spatula made of wood is utilized to shove the tea through the sieve’s mesh.

Because of its marvelous nutritious properties matcha is just not enjoyed as tea but also blended with a lot of health health supplements. These comprise cereal and energy bars as well. As per researches quantity of antioxidants termed as Epigallocatechin gallate in matcha is 137 times higher than that in all the other green teas. Matcha green tea is famous for accelerating metabolism and hence lowers cholesterol and stops weight gain.

The matcha tea health benefits are owing to the reason that when this tea is ingested it is not the steeped water we drink but we ingest entire leaf. This is the reason why matcha is more beneficial than all other kinds of green teas. Because of the intake of entire leaves, the power of catechins, antioxidants and chlorophyll is the maximum in matcha green tea. Matcha also consists of more amount of antioxidants than wolf berries, blueberries, orange juice, pomegranates and spinach. It has also been observed in scientific trials that owing to the theanine in Japanese green teas, mental tension is reduced to a great extent.

The loveliest property of matcha green tea is it can be consumed by adding to your most liked food items like noodles, and cakes e.g. manju, monaka and castella, and may also be added to milk and sugar. It can be brought into use in both sweet and savory delicacies and relished thoroughly with its incredible health benefits.

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