Chicken Recipes To Please Every Taste

Besides the word delicious, the only other word to truly describe chicken is versatile.

As the world’s primary source of animal protein and a healthy alternative to red meat, it can be roasted, poached, broiled and grilled.

Combine it with a wide range of herbs and spices to create a delicious, flavoursome, and nutritious meal for all the family to enjoy.

Being so versatile, the most valued section in any well-thumbed cookbook, whether you are a chef, mother or novice – has to be the chicken recipes.


For those looking to reduce the amount of fat in their diet, but can’t bare the thought of going ‘cold turkey’ when it comes to the meat section – you can simply try swapping your usual choice of red meat for chicken instead.

With less than half the fat of a trimmed T-bone steak, the breast is the most dietary part of the chicken, with its overall fat content being less saturated than that of beef.

How To Cook

Chicken recipes are some of the easiest to put into action; often quick, simple and loved by all the family.

Chicken is used in some of the most classic dishes, for example; Chicken Kiev, an old-fashioned traditional dish, as is Chicken Broth, considered both a ‘comfort food’ and ‘food for the soul’. It is also economic – being one of the most cost-effective chicken recipes available, as well as the simplest to create.

With the rise in popularity of television shows such as Come Dine with Me, MasterChef and the like; right now there is an even greater demand to be more experimental in the kitchen – going beyond the realms of the Michelin starred restaurants you can – and are expected to – concoct fine dining menus in your own home. However, that is not to say you need be more stressed or spend more time and money creating these delicacies.

Exotic, yet resolutely simple, there are chicken recipes to entice your guests and fulfill your family’s demands, like Curried Chicken with Watercress; created in just 10-15 minutes. You can conjure up a spicy curry sauce simply by using a flavoring paste enhanced by a chicken stock cube. Take a cube; mix it together with olive oil, curry powder and rosemary. That’s it! Simple and yet sure to impress any expectant dinner party guest or hungry family member.

If your horizons are limited by a lack of spice fans, why not rustle up Griddled Chicken with Courgette; this chicken recipe takes those two simple ingredients – chicken breasts and courgettes – and transforms them into something a little bit special.

The fried chicken paillard goes well with griddled courgette slices, making it a family favourite, which you will be proud of and your children and guests will love.

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