Health Benefits of Oolong Tea, Black Tea and Green Tea

What the Chinese have known for centuries about the health benefits of drinking tea, modern Western medicine is only beginning to understand. Many research studies have been conducted over the last few years on oolong, black, and green teas. The findings have shed new light on what substances in these teas foster good health.

Oolong tea

Oolong tea is a type of tea that is made by processing tea leaves by wilting in the hot sun, oxidation, and physical manipulation of the dried leaves. The oxidation level can vary greatly, ranging from 8 to 85 percent. The leaves also undergo a small amount of fermentation during processing. This lends the tea a flavor somewhat like black tea but more closely matching green tea. There are a number of different types of this tea that are distinguished by what particular cultivar they are made from. Although less known than the black and green variety, oolong has a number of different positive health effects that has increased its popularity recently. In fact, several scientific studies have found health benefits in the area of heart disease.

Heart disease

A 2010 population study found that drinking oolong was associated with a reduced mortality risk from cardiovascular disease. The study subjects were almost 80,000 adults ranging in age from 40 to 79 years of age. They were free of heart disease, stroke, and cancer at the beginning of the study. Those drinking oolong regularly had reduced risks of developing heart disease compared to non-drinkers. It has been speculated that these effects are due to oolong’s ability to lower cholesterol.

Green tea

This tea has seen centuries of traditional use in Asia. The many health benefits are being studied extensively. Its medicinal abilities seem to stem mainly from the high flavonoid content. These compounds are strong antioxidants. The leaves are also high in substances called catechins — compounds that halt oxidative cell damage. Studies have shown links between green tea consumption and lowered risk of developing some cancers, like those of the skin, lung, breast, bladder, and colon.

Other health benefits include a reduced risk of developing heart disease. The antioxidants appear to lower level of bad (LDL) cholesterol, while increasing levels of good (HDL) cholesterol. The tea also improves artery function. One Chinese study found up to a 65 percent reduction in hypertension among drinkers of the tea, compared to non-drinkers.

Black tea

Tea that is black has undergone a more intensive oxidation process that the other types. It has a stronger flavor but comes from the same plant. Considered it is more oxidized, it is somewhat surprising that it has many of the same health benefits of the other teas.

A study conducted by the Netherlands National Institute of Public Health and the Environment showed that regular consumption resulted in a lowered risk of having a stroke. They examined different foods and beverages containing high amounts of flavonoids. Many of the flavonoids they examined came from fruits and vegetables, but 70 percent were derived from black tea. The research followed over 500 men for a 15 year time span. The conclusion of the researchers was that the flavonoids lowered the amount of bad LDL cholesterol in those drinking such teas. Additionally, they found that men drinking over four cups daily had a significantly decreased chance of having a stroke over men drinking less per day.

Taken together, these three teas offer people a variety of tasty beverages that can also support their health. A wide range of flavorful additives are also available to suit the taste of virtually any tea drinker.

Could an Herbal Tea Support With Those Symptoms?

Considering that grandma’s day herbs happen to be acknowledged for their healing properties. It is possible to take them within the form of dietary supplements in high therapeutic doses to help with illnesses but if you want to practice prevention, or simply have a touch of an ailment, an herbal tea might assist you to enhance your immunity enough to give it the flick. Often they may be dismissed as ‘just a tea’ by individuals who usually are not as mindful of their wellness properties as they could possibly be. Here can be a list of teas and their advantage for you to print out. Naturally you will find many much more than are on this list but just retaining a few inside your cupboard can be a commence along with a great option to coffee, coke or other drinks. Even if you just commence slowly with keeping your health keep in mind that each and every tiny bit you do tends to make for much less inflammation within the physique, a larger immune technique and greater wellbeing now and once you are older. It’s in no way also late to start.

Listed here are some herbal tea recommendations to assist you with some typical ailments:

Brahmi is so excellent for bettering the memory and tastes scrumptious.

Chamomile soothes the nervous method and helps with sleep. It also aids in digestion. It is excellent as a nightcap just just before bed.

Dandelion is a diuretic which signifies it gets rid of puffiness and fluid inside the body. It aids with liver function but if it tends to make you feel squeamish I propose you go to your naturopath ASAP since it implies something is surely not in sync with your liver.

Fennel is an appetite suppressant. It has a liquorice flavour so it may satisfy you for a although when you go for the sweets.

Green tea is an anti-oxidant so it really is very good to improve your immunity. A twist of lemon will make it a lot more palatable if you are not used to it and also you can also get lemon green tea.

Ginger is great for the stomach and nausea. It’s also great for flu and colds as well as sore throats.

Lemon grass is very good for fever and digestion. It also tones your skin.

Peppermint stimulates so it really is excellent to replace the morning coffee with it. It is good for digestion, negative breath and congestion as well as fluid buildup inside the body.

Rosehip is complete of Vitamin C so great whenever you have a cold or just to raise your immunity.

Raspberry leaf tea is great when you have morning sickness or the other finish of one’s pregnancy in the event the child is due inside a few weeks. It’ll make for an less difficult delivery.

Spearmint is really a pleasant choice to peppermint in case you don’t such as the taste of peppermint. Why not mix the two collectively for a refreshing taste or put the spearmint with chamomile.

Jasmine Tea And Chinese Flower Tea

The importance of floral elements in Chinese traditions dates back towards the earliest origins of their culture. The gods, dragons, and other mythological entities from Ancient Chinese folklore were personified within the several blossoming plants and vines which are native towards the Asian continent. The practice of brewing tea from these symbolic representations in the powers of nature has always been a kind of ritual tribute at the same time as a dietary function.

The tradition of Chinese flower tea has come to contain the practice of combining distinct flowers in such a way that the act of brewing tea becomes a type of visual entertainment that also provides a spiritual or religious ceremony. The personification with the numerous dragons of Chinese mythology is observed inside the visual display created by brewing amaranths, sunflowers, marigolds, and jasmines.

Jasmine tea in specific is actually a well-known favorite among Chinese flower tea makers. This is partially because of the really aromatic qualities of this tiny flower in its many species. The fragrance with the jasmine is retained even right after the processes of drying and combining with other botanicals in the tea-making approach itself. Yet the symbolic which means in the jasmine is an equally important reason that this flower is employed so frequently in Chinese flower tea.

Jasmine tea continues to be brewed for numerous centuries all across Asia for its well-know capacity to calm nerves and other bodily functions. Jasmine is utilised as a sedative agent not simply in tea but inside the practice or aroma treatment that, although a fairly new phenomenon to Western culture, continues to be a component of daily Chinese healing given that the beginning of their culture. Jasmine tea is brewed to settle upset digestive systems, minimize inflammation in wounds, and ease the sleep of children and adults alike.

This can be why the jasmine flower is used so usually in mixture with other floral buds in Chinese flower tea. Its medicinal application, in addition to the aesthetic worth of its fragrance, adds considerably to any choice of flowering plant that is employed in tea making. The several varieties of colours that jasmine flowers can be found in are one more reason for their wide use in Chinese flower tea. White jasmines combined using a pink rose becomes a crown of passion when the brewed, since the petals of those flowers unfold. A dried bundle of yellow jasmine, marigold, and globe amaranth flower buds, artistically woven with each other, miraculously unfurl into a colorful bouquet that reminds one of wildflowers inside a meadow at springtime.

The tradition of skillfully weaving flower buds together to make a showpiece of colour and fragrance inside a teapot is probably the carryovers through the days from the ancient Chinese dynasties, when dragon spirits and forces of nature had been an extremely actual element from the life and ideology in the Chinese men and women. The Western culture of right now has inherited this tradition within the practice of creating Chinese flower tea, not merely for its homeopathic healing qualities but for its capability to enlighten the spirit also.

A Treasure of Health Benefits Availed by Consuming Tea

Time and again, many people as well as the media have recounted the benefits of tea. We are at the verge of making it as the national beverage of our country. So, why not we once again go through all the health benefits of this beverage! is derived from plant, which is scientifically called as Camellia sinensis.

Tea plays a major role in keeping our heart healthy. The polyphenols that is antioxidants, present in it are very helpful in putting a stop to cholesterol from getting oxidized and damaging a person’s blood vessels. Green tea has proven to be very effecting in bringing upon an improvement in health of the cells lined along the blood vessels which are very delicate. As a result, a person’s body becomes relatively less prone to health diseases.

Another class of polyphenols, called as catechins found in it might lead to prevention of or reduction in the spreading and growth of certain types of cancers. The oxidants are scavenged prior to the occurrence of cell injuries with the help of catechins. In addition, they also help in reducing the frequency and size of chemically induced tumors, and restrain the growth of tumor cells.

In addition to decreasing the risk of cancer when it is drunk, it can also be advantageous when applied physically on the skin. Some study has revealed that the application of green-tea on sunburned skin reduces the growth of skin tumors resulting in cancers. Due to this study, nowadays, it is being added to many cosmetic products by the cosmetic companies.

A research has also shown that the consumption of green and black-tea is helpful in inhibiting the activity of some enzymes in the brain related with Alzheimer’s disease. Even if tea cannot cure Alzheimer’s disease, it may be useful in decelerate the development of this disease.

Moreover, this beverage also contains compounds that increase the acid resistance of enamel and function as antibiotics that destroy dangerous, decay-promoting bacteria. A compound known as fluoride is also present in it which keeps our teeth healthy and strong. Thus, it protects our teeth in many ways.

Owing to the plenty of the health benefits and the favorable climatic conditions of our country, tea exporter India is a leading tea exporter in the world. There are many producers in India who produce a variety of tea namely green, black, oolong and so on. Thus, one can stay healthy if one consumes two to three cups of tea in a day.

Take Green Smoothie For Good Health

Nowadays green smoothie has gained popularity those results in gaining good health. There are several benefits of the green smoothie that is good in taste. The smoothie is made from vegetables and fruits to give a sweet taste. It becomes a healthy drink that contains all the essential nutrients that are of both the fruits and vegetables. Some people love to put ice-cream or milk with the smoothie to add good look. It is drunk twice a day that would result in increasing the energy level of the body. Those people who have busy schedule need to drink it daily that would keep them healthy.

Smoothie is a best supplement that increases energy level in body. If you remain busy then consume a glass of smoothie that would fulfill the nutrients requirement of the body. Stop consuming unhealthy food that people normally eat. Eradicate eating undesirable food that is not at all healthy for the body. Instead such food could cause diseases, food poisoning or other infection. Hence, always consume fresh fruits and vegetables smoothie that is made easily within few minutes. It is a best health drink one could ever have. The drink is safe for both the kids and adults.

The major problem in front of parents is that their children doesn’t eat wall. They mostly find it difficult how to make their children eat nutritious food to make them healthy. A better way is by considering the green smoothie that your child will never oppose. Add milk or ice-cream and by adding different fruits it gets colorful. This is a tricky way to fascinate your child drink this health supplement that would fulfill the body nutrients. All those children who avoid eating the vegetables, smoothie is a good option present. Smoothie is consumed by the people due to its health benefits and due to its delicious taste. This is being taken by the people since long time. It is a good health drink that contains all the essential nutrients. It will also help in eliminating the constipation and bloating, increase hair growth as well as make it look shiny and nourishes your skin.