Celebrity Restaurateur Kamia Mulhotra Launching Kafedor in Delhi

Restaurant KAFED’OR in Delhi:

KAFED’OR is envisioned as an all-inclusive cafe with a kitchen and a bar. Set in the Spanish Colonial Revival style, KAFED’OR is in the heart of Hauz Khas Village, offering a relaxing repast in an atmosphere that brings nostalgic memories of Delhi’s languid summers, fragrant monsoons and crisp winters. Open on three-sides, it stands out for its colorful flower boxes along the winding village road dotted with boutiques and art galleries amidst quaint historical village homes. The elegant and leisurely interiors of KAFED’OR were designed by Ms. Yamini Gandhi.

A befitting tribute to the centenary of Delhi, KAFED’OR celebrates the undying spirit of the City by bringing another landmark to commemorate the lifestyle of days gone-by, while simultaneously offering the best of exclusive contemporary European fare to Delhi’s gourmets. On offer will an experience to remember with sumptous and delicately flavoured European food, soft music and a serene but vibrant ambiance.

KAFED’OR will also offer customer loyalty privilege cards to loyal customers with discounts and other benefits.

Executive Chef Hardeep Singh with over 10 years experience in the trade is the man in charge of the KAFED’OR kitchen. The Chef is most particular about the cuisine and ingredients at the restaurant and works only with the choicest and freshest produce. Standard, consistency and quality to him are of utmost importance. His specialities include modern Meditteranean and contemporary Continental cuisine.

Speaking about her new venture in Delhi, Kamia Mulhotra says, “Being a Delhi person, I specially look forward to replicating the success of our Mumbai restaurant here. KAFED’OR will be a haven for Delhi’s gourmets and those looking to further refine their palates with superior global cuisine. Our menu replicates the most popular European dishes presently. We will continue to add to that to offer the city the best eating out options that they would get in the most fashionable restaurants in the world.”

After a series of food trials and select tastings, KAFED’OR will open its doors to Delhi in mid-January 2012.

A few words about Restaurant “D’Ultimate” in Mumbai:

This 15,000-sq ft restaurant, cafe and club in Andheri (West) fills the void of a top class nightspot in the suburb. Launched by former actor, Kamia Mulhotra and businessman Uday Desai, D’Ultimate has the restaurant and cafe on the ground floor, while the club with a Lounge on the first floor.

The interiors of D’Ultimate were done by Raseel Gujral from Delhi. The ambiance exudes class and elegance with interiors done in muted tones. Adding to it are the perfectly mixed cocktails and interesting starters. The design and the available space is such that people can do their own thing without intruding on others. The idea is to have everything under one roof.

A Romantic Dinner For Two in Princeton

Romantic dining is a social practice observed around the world. It is part of the ritual between couples that transcends all boundaries and cultures. Regardless if your relationship is brand new, celebrating 20 years or on the outs, magically a romantic dinner for two can ignite a romantic spark that previously was extinguished. Whether on a Valentine’s Day, a Wedding Anniversary or a simple dinner date, the setting and ambiance is a key component to establishing the “mood”.

Oftentimes, we need a little help when looking for that best romantic dinner venue. There are restaurants that can offer an amazing dining experience but fail to tug on the emotional aspect. A well-balanced occasion of exceptional food that pleases the palette and warms the heart has a lot to do with the decor of the restaurant and how the service staff behaves when they recognize the need to be attentive yet unobtrusive. These are some of the key factors to look for in a romantic fine dining restaurant:

When searching where to eat near Princeton University, there are a handful of dining guides for you to consult. Ask your friends on Facebook for recommendations for their top 10 restaurants in NJ that offer great food and ambiance. Sunday brunch in New Jersey can be a great way to celebrate a special occasion and enjoy a real good New Jersey farm-to-table experience in the process.

Exceptional American CuisineFarm to Table Cuisine has become very trendy, where each recipe constitutes only the freshest, organic and locally grown or raised ingredients. Many of the top chefs in New Jersey are getting very creative in the kitchen with fresh raw ingredients. No longer are they solely focused on American cuisine for foodies. You will see menus featuring Asian fusion delicacies that combine local organic produce with fresh fish flown in from the Navotas Fish port in Manila Bay for example. The New Jersey farm to table scene goes way beyond our own local boarders. As long as the key ingredients are harvested within 48 hours of preparation, it fits the criteria. The flavor of fresh ingredients can make your dining experience very romantic.

Fun New Jersey and other publications publish a list of the top 10 restaurants in NJ and a few of those venues answers the question, “where to eat near Princeton University”. There are plenty of places to enjoy a brunch in New Jersey which is when you can enjoy some of the best farm to table dining experiences. Sometimes Princeton private dining rooms offer more romantic settings that the hotels in the region. Bon Appetit!

Restaurants in Norwich – Offering World Class Food And Services

Searching for restaurants in Norwich for wedding receptions, events, and intimate parties? The East Anglia region has some great countryside restaurants that could provide services tailor-fit to any event. Your event is bound to be memorable if you select a restaurant from the area.

One particular area to start your search is Beccles, Suffolk. One of the advantages of this area is it is close to major locations in England. Your guests can travel easily from London, Cambridgeshire, or Essex by road, air or train. They could easily arrive in time for your event.

Amazing arriving in style is hiring a coach to drive you to the restaurant. It is possible to tell your friends to do the same, especially if the weather conditions are good. Your guests could take the National Express train to East Anglia. You should consider asking the hotel concierge to make travel arrangements for them. Guests may also search online and go to the National Express’ official website to reserve train tickets. It is going to only take an hour and a half to get from London to Suffolk. People that can afford to travel by air will, of course, arrive faster. Many local flights fly in and out of Norwich International Airport (NIA)

Many restaurants in East Anglia will offer different packages that is able to meet your event needs. Many go for restaurants in Norwich since they can accommodate weddings, corporate events, and parties. They could also match every budget and special requests.

Celebrate at the best restaurants in Beccles, Suffolk

It is possible to choose an extravagant buffet dinner package for weddings and parties or a classy sit-down dinner for business meetings. You can pick from a diverse menu, as Eastern England is abundant with fresh produce.

Remember to taste the dishes before approving them. Search for dishes that suit your event and keep in mind guests that have special needs-maybe someone is a vegetarian or allergic to seafood. Talk to the restaurant manager and look at other arrangements you will need. They could suggest good visual aid or DJs in the area that may spice up your party. You can certainly save money because celebrating in some great restaurants in Beccles, Suffolk is a lot more affordable than in, say, Essex or London.

Ideas for giveaways are the unique products from East Anglia’s provinces. Norfolk and Suffolk have excellent regional wines including El Campo 2010, Catarratto, Il Meridione 2010, Semillon/Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, ‘Laroma’ 2010, Dry Muscat, and Domaine d’Astruc 2010. You may also select organic skin or aromatherapy products as thank you gifts for your guests. Other giveaways are farm products including sheepskin gloves and wool scarves.

Your guests will also be amazed with the amazing views restaurants in Norwich provide. The restaurants are close to farmlands as well as old English buildings and churches. If your event is close to the coast, your guests can enjoy breath-taking views of the North Sea. Guests will remember and talk about your event for days if you book the right restaurant for your event.

Try Veggie Chicken Tikka Potato Chips And Chatpata Khatta Mitha Snacks

When we are talking about food, obviously anybody think about some chatpata flavour of food. Every one love to Chatpata and Khatta Mitha flavour of food. Some popular restaurants in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and some other top cities in India provide a good quality tasty, Khatta Mitha and Chatpata snacks. Do not compromise with your taste buy best light snacks with different flavours.

Fancy some vegetarian chicken tikka potato wafers and guava masala juice for an evening snack? Sounds strange to the ears of hardcore Indian veggies bred on leafy greens, energy drinks and cereals, isn’t it? But innovations in the world of flavours might soon make these new snacks a reality.

Gastronomic flavours are rooted in local cultures. Indians generally have a strong preference for masala – or spices. It is wrong to think that globalization has opened the boundary for flavours. In fact, there has been a great deal of balkanisation in terms of tastes,” Doug Tough, chairman and CEO of International flavours & Fragrances Inc (IIF), said in an interview.

The company provides flavours and fragrance solutions to the food restaurant sector by inventing new varieties. Set up in Britain in 1833 and functioning in India for the last 80 years, IFF has set up a new facility in the NCR region to reach wider sections in this country’s emerging flavours market, the CEO said.

Tough said the preference for flavours has seen a “return to the retro” post-globalization, prompted by the nature of the country and culture concerned.

“In Brazil, oranges and lemons still remain the most popular flavours, while Indians would love tomato chips. The British love their salt-and-vinegar taste and the Americans would never say no to the cheddar cheese chip,” Tough said, explaining the variations in global flavours.

The firm is working on several new flavours for the Indian Light snack market. One of them is the chicken tikka potato chip, a non-vegetarian flavoured vegetarian snack. The potato wafers are dusted with chicken tikka masala, a meaty spice mix created with replicas of chemical components present in chickens. The wafers are eaten with yoghurt dip and onion rings.

Then, the paapri chaat potato chip – a flavour yet to reach the market – can be topped or dipped in the traditional ‘chaat’ base of yoghurt, mint and coriander chutney and sweetened tamarind juice.

Other flavours that will soon hit the market are mango lassi muffin and pineapple masala muffin in combination with guava masala juice, fizzy roseapple cooler and pomegranate ginger brew.

“The appreciation for new fruit-based flavours like litchi and pomegrenate in the beverage sector in India is rising, but masala continues to rule the palette,” says flavours watcher and researcher Imtiaz Kaiser.

Just how right he is can be gauged from what top Bollywood filmmaker Ramesh Sippy said a while ago: “We’re Indians. We like masala in our food and we like masala movies.”

According to a 2012 prediction report by Sensient Flavours, a leading global trend spotter, the theme for flavours in the food and Restaurants market is “new and novel, re-invention of old flavours and a combination of flavours”.

Some of the emerging flavours for 2012 are aji amarillo, a fruit-based flavour native to South America; black garlic, popular in Asian cuisine; coriander, native to the Middle East, southern Europe and Asia; pink peppercorn, a dried berry flavour; and plum, caramel and varietal vanilla, sourced from three main vanilla plants.

Bell Flavours, a 100-year-old international flavours firm, says the theme for 2012 is “emerging cultures”. The company predicts that the 2012 beverages will “incorporate regional fruits, exotic herbs and rare blends to drive innovation in new concepts in the new markets”.

Like a lot of working families and busy individuals around the world, Indian consumers are looking for not only authentic taste and convenience but also healthier options in the food they eat, Vaisman said of the need for new flavours in the Indian food and beverage market.

Pizza Hut Vouchers is Normally The Violation To Level of Quality Pizzas

Have you got a trouble you get one of the people superior and also scrumptious pizza? It’s a tricky carrying out to get an area for you to definitely take pleasure in a person’s french fries. pizza hut vouchers make it easy for numerous Pizzas enthusiasts to savor stomach muscles will better delicious associated with pizza at a good cost-effective cost. All of us understand the discouragement that many conduct endure inside their efforts to acquire that good quality tasty food items and also have the answer that the majority of now have establish in recent times to always be unrivaled. Typically the garlic bread can be offered the method you need to have it, quite crispy well-cooked though gently elastic crusting, utilizing hot sauce recipe and also mozzarella dairy product is invariably on the market. All the pizza hut vouchers available have as a result web page will guarantee that you buy enjoyment on a prepared garlic bread for everyone situations. It is not important whether or not you want to acquire a french fries pertaining to to take night time soon after college or university otherwise you would definitely be a young person what person just simply hopes to hang out with your folks just after institution; the tastes that we all offer you is definitely this individual very best in this market.

Will stay aren’t frustrated, such as some people to obtain disappointed as soon as they are available plus the find it difficult to grab the your pizza hut voucher, it may be shrewd for you to join the particular publication which means you become the first to become advised if the deals can be found. Many additional deals are usually more and more distributed around all of our well-regarded people. Any information sheet which is to be provided perfect within your mailbox gives you any consideration of buying the best pizzas along with self serve buffet dinners.

After getting an individual’s pizza hut voucher, you can aquire any pizza pie only the manner you prefer them. It could be worked together with pepperoni or another particular various meats which you want. What you must feel safe of is definitely the prep work is complete with the who find themselves pros additionally they use the really quality components. On top of that, she dressing up and the concluding are undoubtedly carried out result in the foods simply because mouth-watering to suit your needs advertising online might get. The on the web product very easy to use and get among the lasagna sheds deals is quite possibly shortened.

It does not matter the type of pizza that you simply, it truly is in constant that whenever talking about lasagna, a lot of people could be very choosy and also specific through these people take although some people might other people may be amazing and can try new options. For illustration, one can possibly subsequently obtain a pizza hut vouchers pertaining to very good quality Pesto garlic bread Biaca. This really is manufactured is certainly a way that crisp and clean crusting is covered with numerous pesto gravy, plus ricotta. Pepperoni pizza is furthermore easily obtainable in loads. This can be an extremely your french fries this virtually any physique will enjoy anytime. It’s also beneficial for the events, and you should enjoy it in a lot of tomato marinade, topped with just a little mozzarella in addition to lot of pepperoni. I will just remember to use a pizza huts voucher early ample on this internet site.