Why Poaching Fish is Better Than Boiling

“What has less flavor than water?” I pose the question to my cooking college class. Nothing! Nothing has less flavor than water. If you’re thinking about poaching fish, chicken, or eggs, why not ADD flavor to the final result by cooking them in a flavorful liquid?

That’s the first rule of cooking something in a poaching method. Don’t use flavorless water, always poach items in a flavorful liquid. Have you ever boiled carrots in water? The result is carrots that taste like water and water that is orange. Hmm, where did the flavor go?

You should never boil something in the kitchen anyway. In my opinion, boiling is NOT a cooking method. The relatively high temperature and violent motion of the liquid is a very bad way to treat your food.

To cook food in a moist convective manner, you must control the heat. Most people think that just because you’re cooking something in liquid, it’s always at a high heat rapid boil. When you cook something in the oven, is it always at the highest temperature? No. When you saute, is the flame always on high? No, you control the heat.

There’s a big difference between boil, simmer, and poach. Water boils at 212F (100c) and is characterized by large, violent motion. A simmer is 185F (85c). You can always tell when your cooking liquid is simmering because there are soft bubbles around the rim of the pan and a slight convection or motion.

Poaching fish, or anything else, means having the liquid keep a constant 165F (74c) temperature. This is the perfect number for cooking something because proteins coagulate at the same temperature. This is the mile-marker that tells you when something is done cooking.

A correct poaching liquid has no visible bubbles and only a slight convection to the liquid. Little pieces of fat or crumb may lazily float by; moving slowly, but you shouldn’t see any bubbles. Why use a violent boil at 212F (100c) that will toughen and damage food when it’s possible to cook at precisely the right temperature you need, 165F (74c)?

The disadvantage to cooking something this way is the lack of eye-appeal. Since poached food is never cooked at a temperature above 165F (74c), it never reaches caramelization of sugars which occurs at 320F (160c). Caramelization is the brown color or grill marks that makes your cooked food look so appealing.

However, if the food item is to be used as a stuffing and cooked a second time, perhaps how it looks isn’t as important as how it tastes. We’re making Chicken Burritos in cooking college today. The chicken is poached, shredded, filled into tortilla and baked again. We’d gladly sacrifice eye-appeal of the chicken for flavor and moisture in this dish.

Poaching fish or delicate food like eggs is an especially good use of this technique because you can add flavor and moisture to an item that might dry out in other cooking processes. I’ve used shrimp flavored broths or juice and wine mixtures on tender fish filets to add a whole new flavor dimension.

When you can control moist heat in the way you do for dry heat, then you’ve developed a professional level skill. The difference between boil, simmer, and poach will help guide you toward moist and flavorful items that aren’t rubbery; but skillfully cooked and have much more flavor than water.

See Chef Todd’s live culinary class on poaching fish.

International Desserts to Make Your Mouth Water

As most dessert enthusiasts would agree, life is much sweeter when there are decadent desserts like cakes, ice cream, pies, and puddings to go around. But, do you know that aside from the common desserts that you have always known, there is a wide array of different types out there that originate from other countries that you should be able to taste at least once in your life? Below, you will find a list of international desserts that will instantly make your mouth water just by reading about them.


Sopapillas are Spanish desserts that mean sweet fried dough. This dessert is very popular all over Latin America. It originated in New Mexico around 200 years ago. You can eat this dessert alone, drizzle it with honey, or top with whipped cream.


Another delectable Spanish dessert that you’d love is churros. Churros have amassed worldwide popularity especially in Korean movie houses and baseball games in the United States. These are made from soft dough, wheat flour, and several other ingredients. Churros come in assorted sizes and are best eaten with cinnamon flavored bread.


Who doesn’t love this Italian dessert? Also known as the Tuscan Trifle, the Tiramisu originated in Siena. Siena is an Italian province in Tuscany located in the northwestern region. The light and fluffy texture of this dessert makes it taste like whipped cream. It is made with mascarpone cheese, cream, eggs, marsala, sugar, rum, shaved chocolate, liquor brandy and ladyfingers.

Almond Cookies

Chinese almond cookies have become so popular, you’ve probably tasted them in some part of the United States. However, the original Chinese dessert has a unique taste if you get it from an authentic Chinese restaurant. They are best pair with milk and can also be dipped with whipped cream to make the taste even more interesting than it already is.

Fruit Salad

This one comes from Central Africa and is probably the healthiest dessert ever invented. This salad is a mixture of different tropical fruit slices like coconut meat, pineapple, mango, melon, watermelon, and many more. Sometimes, the fruit salad is mixed with sweet cream. Other times, it is topped with whipped cream.

Castle Pudding

Castle pudding is a widely eaten dessert in England. Although England is not known for delicious delicacies, the castle pudding is one thing that the English people can be proud of. The strawberry jam that is squeezed from the sides of the pudding is what makes this dessert oh-so-delicious.


Pavlova is a dessert that comes from Australia and New Zealand. It is a healthy dessert that is made from egg whites and sugar. It is topped with whipped cream while the inside part of the dessert contains marshmallow-like texture. You can also serve it with fruits like kiwi, raspberry, peach, strawberry and many more.

Like most of the desserts that you’ve known since you were a child, these international desserts can also be topped with whipped cream. Be sure to have reliable cream whippers and cream chargers for this purpose. Cream whippers and cream chargers can be purchased online.

Buy Cake Online Buy Cake Any Time Any Moment

The term “cake” is becoming very popular among the city dwellers as different types of occasions and ceremonies need various types of cakes. The celebration of birthdays, Marriage anniversaries, and similar occasions are incomplete without deliciously prepared Cakes!! Certainly, the uses as well as demands of all types of cakes are increasing globally and that is why big confectioners and bakers have come up with huge varieties of cakes of various shapes and sizes. These confectioners and bakers have made the task of getting attractive cakes at affordable prices. Moreover, the facilities online purchasing has made the task even easier. Today, one can buy cake online sitting comfortably on his bed.

The confectioners and bakers have increased their span of services to multiple cities and that is why anyone sitting anywhere can order cake online with greater amount of comfort. These companies are making quite a good business and data and statistics displayed at various surveys reveal that the facilities to buy cake online have increased the business manifold. These companies are available on the Internet with the help of their own websites and the customers can get in touch with the companies any time they need quality cakes.

The websites display attractive cakes with all types of preparations and that is why the customers are required to visit the sites, have a look at the designs of the cakes and then order cake online. Along with placing the order, the customers are also required to mention the date and address of the place where it is to be delivered. The cakes are delivered exactly at the same destination with the same cake which had been ordered by the customers. The entire facility to buy cake online is absolutely smooth and the buyers are not required to bother about anything at all besides placing the orders and paying the money online through credit cards.

As far as the pricing of these cakes are concerned, it remains same but the delivery charges vary with the address and destinations. These companies provide home delivery facilities but it is free only through a certain distance only. After that, the buyers are required to pay the charges of delivery along with the price of the cakes. These facilities of ordering and buying cakes online have helped people a lot to carry out their certain social responsibilities and they become even more important and useful when the need of cakes is urgent.

Enjoy Healthy Living With The Detox Way

They are numerous of reasons why one may want a juice detox some of them are to overcome addiction and even improvement of health. In a juice detox meals which contain solid food are replaced by fruit juices or veggie detox. Many people believe that they might get rid of their body toxins by taking juice detox. They even say that having juice detox will help them get out of stress on the intestine so that they may get energy to digest the food. This will result in getting of energy and will lead to general well being.

Some of the important instruction which one must follow before going on juice detox orveggie detox diet are one must have a diet which is rich in fruits and vegetable. They have must stop taking all kind of junk food. These will help to reduce the side effects of detoxing the body. The next step is to decide on which type of juice should be used to detox. One may opt for a single type of juice such as an orange juice or one may even go for a mixture of fruits and vegetable juices. Going for juices which may have a mixture of vegetables and fruits will be healthier but at the same time may cause stress to the digestive system. Vegan sorbet should be taken as soon as one gets up from bed. During meal times 250 ml to 350 ml of juice should be taken. In between meals drinking water should be substituted by juice detox.

Function of taking a veggie detox is it cleanses ones system of the entire toxin present in the body. It can be used to lose weight, discover the food allergies and regulate digestive processes. The time period to which you can detox depends on the restrictiveness of the diet and the level of detox one wants to have. Some may go for a two or three day diets and some may go for a week diet. The benefits of detox are loads. It leads to clear skin, strong nails, increase in energy and strength and healthy hair. The water content in vegan sorbet will keep one hydrated. The best time to detox is when there are fresh vegetables and fruits available in the market. One must consult a doctor before going for juice detox diet. One must be careful to never go for a long period detox diet as they may lead to serious eating disorder.

Los Angeles detox offers unadulterated juices which only nature can provide. They provide the best of taste of fruits and vegetables and that to in its most ripe forms. It helps in revitalizing the body and restores the body energy and even complements to the active lifestyle.

Keep in Mind these Points to consider when Selecting Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding ceremony cakes are must-haves for just about any wedding party. There are various flavors of cakes readily available, together with numerous types and kinds of adornments. Lots of people opt for wedding cake toppers included in the design for their wedding cake, as it is a good way to present the cake persona, style along with a feel of the couple’s identity.

Typically, wedding cake toppers had been small recreations from the wedding couple, but these days, just about anything can be done: from cartoon characters to photo choices, it may be hard to select things to have! Monogrammed cake toppers are also very popular and provide your dessert an elegant feel. Utilizing cake toppers can also be an excellent, yet delicate method to honor and reveal your heritages as well as skills.

What’s the primary style of your wedding ceremony? What exactly are your primary colors? What blossoms are you utilizing? Is the wedding conventional? What exactly are you, as being a pair, thinking about? What about including these components in to your cake, by selecting cake toppers which follow these specifications?

Wedding ceremonies could be costly occasions, and if you’re attempting to cut costs and stay with a good spending budget, it is possible to make your personal cake topper! Along with somewhat little bit of creativity as well as creativity, by maintaining your wedding ceremony theme in your mind, you are able to develop a topper that actually displays you as well as your companion while nevertheless sticking with the spending budget that is ideal for you.

Blooms additionally allow for stunning, yet budget-conscious cake toppers. Actual or artificial, they may be very easily personalized to follow along with your wedding ceremony style, and also the florist who’s doing all of your wedding ceremony blossoms will probably be prepared to give a few extra supplies for a bit!

Making your own cover may put in a innovative and individual feel for your wedding ceremony cake. However if you do not really feel you have the knack, or even in the event you haven’t time, it is also a terrific way to incorporate a family member or friend to assist you! Family and friends members could be wonderful assets, and several might want to help with your organizing attempts. Therefore you shouldn’t be frightened to inquire, especially if you have somebody you believe would be excellent at creating a little decor for the cake!

Whatever type of wedding ceremony you’re having, there are many possibilities in wedding cake toppers, to include that little something additional to your wedding reception and wedding ceremony reminiscences.