Boston Restaurants – Walking Into The Best Boston Restaurant

Boston is a city full of places to go; from the public library to the cultivated stores of Newbury Street to hundreds of the Best Boston Restaurants you could desire, there is never a shortage of places to go and enjoy the beautiful New England weather. What Bostonians love more than their sports is their food, but finding the Best Boston Restaurant takes skill and dedication. You could walk around and stare at menus and take your chances with hole in the wall places but let’s be honest, few people want to risk their wallets and stomachs that way.

After many years living in Boston and subjecting my stomach to what was sometimes torture, I decided to put a stop to the mutiny and find what truly is the Best Boston Restaurant. To fit this golden standard there are certain aspects that need to be met. I need to like the atmosphere, the staff, the drinks, and of course, the food. At first I’d think I was close, but then I would get a rude waiter or a flat beer and that would immediately eliminate that contender. While slowly losing hope, and an appetite, I came across FiRE+iCE. I was skeptical at first, who in their right mind would walk into a place with raw food everywhere and start piling into a bowl? Turns out a lot of people are adventurous and creative. Going in I started going through my checklist of what qualifies a place as the Best Boston Restaurant. The atmosphere was electric, alive, and eclectic, and not in a way that makes you think they threw furniture together. The paint colors are bright and the architecture has extreme angles. The staff is friendly and attentive, giving you a breakdown of how the concept works if you happen to be a newbie. The drinks are delicious and not expensive by Boston standards. The food is as good as you make it but those sauces, I could eat fajita sauce in a bowl by itself.

There you have it, in a city full of fashion, music and food, there is such a thing as being the Best Boston Restaurant. You can take matters into your own hand and walk around tasting food here and there, and I say good luck to you if that is what you are willing to do, or you can listen to someone that’s been there and done that. Granted you could go to an outside source, such as Phantom Gourmet, Yelp, all those sites, and yeah you may come out with a small understanding of what a restaurant will provide you in terms of experience, but usually what you get on these places is a lot of complaints and not enough positive experiences. To be the best you have to take chances and make your place something that is different and no one has seen before. So, young foodie, take these priceless bits of knowledge with you and continue your journey through the streets of Boston. Keep an open mind and a weary stomach and you just may stumble upon your own version of the Best Boston Restaurant.

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