Italian Pizza – What Makes And Authentic And Delicious Pizza

People look for different things in their pizza. It’s hard to get just one answer because the answers are extremely subjective. Some people prefer thin crust while others prefer it thick. There is one thing that you can be sure of, and that is: everyone knows what a pizza is. Go visit the world and you’ll be able to find a pizza parlor somewhere out there. This Italian meal has become so popular that different cultures have come up with their own pizza flavor. While pizza may have Italian roots, it comes as no surprise that this has become one of the most popular meals (next to rice and bread of course).

People know what a pizza is and what they want on it. Why has this Italian recipe become such a worldwide sensation? It’s because pizza, on its own, makes for a complete meal. Plus, it’s extremely versatile. You can put whatever you like on it and then change things up every time you order it.

Still, there is something to be said about genuine Italian pizza. While there are cultural preferences, a lot of people still crave for the original taste every so often. Some may like that sweet bite while others look for a certain kick. If you’re craving for a slice of that cheesy, warm pizza, here are certain things to look for:


There is no doubt that cheese adds that “yumminess.” The most popular cheese of choice remains to be mozzarella. You can add other cheese varieties as well. The classic pizza also comes with pepperoni as this just adds saltiness to it. For those who like that extra kick, anchovies also work perfectly. Don’t forget the tomatoes. Italians prefer to put them whole rather than seeing a glob of tomato sauce. The fruit makes the taste more natural and fresh.


Years back, Neapolitans looked for a base that is light and crusty. The dough is made by hand. Now, you can also just look for the ready-made crust in the grocery. Still, true connoisseurs still prefer to make everything by hand.

Cooking Style

Years back, pizza had to be cooked in a brick or wood-fire oven. That’s because there’s the certain flavor you get in the finished product. Regular oven may do the job, but admittedly, it’s still not as tasty. The perfect crust should come out light and slightly charred. Plus, the cheese should ooze into your mouth with every single bite.

When it comes to looking for the perfect ingredients, fresh always makes for the perfect choice. While making pizza shouldn’t be too difficult, that is, if you prefer the modern approach, it does take some time and practice before you can discover what you truly want. There are no hard and fast rules to making pizza. Still, listen to the advice given by experts as you experiment. When you take in everything you learn, you’ll see that this Italian feast can be to your liking.

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Flavor From The Far East-how To Add Asian Flare To Your Cooking

Asian countries have a long and rich culinary tradition. Throughout the vast continent, it is possible to see all manner of ingredients and tastes. There is something unmistakably delicious about certain foods and flavors that capture the imagination of any cook. Dishes from Asian countries often satisfy the appetite without an uncomfortable feeling of fullness that one often finds in Western cuisine.

Every country in the continent has its own unique perspective on Asian cooking. Though the customs from different regions can seem quite different, their commonality is unmistakable. Those who would like to add some of this exquisite experience to their own dining can start by incorporating some of the most important ingredients from Asian cooking into their own kitchen.

Asian Staples

There are a few elements found repeatedly in Asian cooking that are essential to capturing the essence of the cuisine.

Most dishes include rice, because it is the main crop of many Asian countries and is used in almost every capacity. Not only steamed rice, but rice paper and noodles can be included in a meal.

Tofu is often used in vegetarian meals, because it is high in protein. It is used heavily in regions with a tradition of Buddhism.

Sauces are important to flavor rice and stir-fry. Soy sauce, oyster sauce, black bean sauce, and fish sauces are easy to keep on hand.

Tea is not only good for the body; it is the perfect accompaniment to Asian cuisine.

Japanese Cooking

The island nation of Japan has an illustrious tradition. Their cuisine is full of fish and other consumables from the sea. Japanese cooking utilizes noodles made of wheat and other materials much more than other Asian dishes.

In order to add some Japanese flavor to meal, try using soy sauce or wasabi. Also, Japanese dishes are characterized by their ordered appearance. Sauces, rice, and main courses are all served in their own individual bowls. This can be seen in popular Japanese foods like sushi and tempura.

The Tastes of China

Traditional Chinese food can be quite different than what is labeled as Chinese in the United States. Many recipes contain large amounts of vegetables like corn, bean sprouts, and shitake mushrooms. Peanuts are also found in many Chinese foods.

The most distinct part of Chinese dining is the serving style. Food should be pre-cut into small pieces. Every diner should get a rice bowl, but other foods should be communal so that the diners may pick what they wish to sample with their chopsticks.

Southeast Asian Dining

Though they are often grouped together, the Southeast Asian countries include Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, and Vietnam among others. These countries all have their own strong dishes and techniques to bring to the kitchen, but have many similarities.

Cooks who want to capture the flavor of this region should look to fish sauces, lemon grass, and spices like turmeric and garlic. These elements are used all over this region because of the high concentration of fishing communities. Most dishes are served with fresh herbs, vegetables and dipping sauces.

Indian Cuisine

Indian food and culture is very distinct from the rest of Asia. India�s long history and stint as a British colony has effected their culture in numerous ways. Many different regional cooking styles fall under the umbrella term of Indian, but they are all characterized by an expert use of spices. Most Indian food is vegetarian, but some dishes to employ chicken, lamb, and fish. In keeping with Hindu and Muslim practices, no beef or pork is used.

Those who wish to capture the intense flavors of Indian cuisine should stock their pantry with plenty of spices. Spices like coriander, cumin, garlic, ginger, fennel, turmeric, and various peppers are used in all kinds of dishes. The most iconic Indian dish is curry, a wet meat and sauce combination served with rice. There are hundreds of recipes for this type of meal, and one can even buy curry powder that contains most of the spices mentioned above.

Be Creative with Asian Flavors

Most Asian cooking is reliant on achieving a balance between different flavors. Though the food can be very rich, it is also meant to highlight and enhance subtle ingredients like rice and bean sprouts. The tenets of Asian dining give a chef so much to work with that creating a tasty meal should not be difficult.

Those that create Asian dishes regularly should look into investing into a rice cooker and wok. Also, it would be a good idea to keep plenty of fresh vegetables on hand just in case the urge to add some Asian flare to dinner strikes.

How to Prepare an Alfredo Recipe Quickly

When you decide to prepare an alfredo recipe for your next meal, there are truly a lot of dishes that you can choose from. The easiest dish to prepare would probably be the fettuccine alfredo, which will only take you about 20 to 30 minutes to prepare. Here is the alfredorecipe so that you can try it out anytime.

A famous pasta dish, fettuccine alfredois made of fettuccine pasta, butter and Parmesan cheese. This dish was first made by a restaurant owner named Alfredo di Lelio hence the name of the recipe. The dish was introduced back in 1914, and up to these days, it remains a staple in most restaurants especially for those who serve Italian food and pasta dishes. There are different variations of alfredo recipes using various ingredientsto make it even more delicious. There is even an alfredo sauce that is sold in convenience stores and groceries and is really helpful if you are in a rush preparing the food. Some recipes that you might want to try aside from the traditional fettuccine alfredo recipe are the chicken, shrimp or mushroom alfredo.

For this alfredo recipe, it is basically made up of cream, butter, parsley and parmesan cheese. What you will need are a pound of dried fettuccine, 2 cups of heavy cream, 1 stick of butter, 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley preferably Italian, 1 1/2 cups of grated parmesan cheese, ground black pepper and Kosher salt. The preparation will take you about 30 minutes so it is really a quick dish to prepare.

To start with the preparation, fill a large pot with cold water then add the Kosher salt. Stir it well so that the salt is dissolved completely. This should taste like seawater if you taste it. Afterwards, bring the water to a boil. When the water is already boiling, add the fettuccine and wait for it to cook. There are usually cooking instructions for pastas at the package so you can just follow that one. The fettuccine will take about 8 to 10 minutes for it to be cooked. You should see to it that it is not overcooked but rather firm yet tender when eaten.

While waiting for the fettuccine to cook,put a saute pan over medium heat and add the butter and cream. Let this simmer for about 15 minutes with constant stirring. When it is done, remove the sauce from the heat and cover. Add the cheese and mix well until it is thoroughly combined. You can make adjustments with the cream if it requires additional amounts. Add the chopped parsley to the mixture, along with the black pepper and Kosher salt to taste. When the fettuccine is cooked, drain and toss it with the sauce that you have made. When serving, you can add garnishes of your choice such as grated parmesan cheese, chopped parsley and others. It is recommended that you serve the fettuccine alfredoright away so that you can eat it while it is still hot.

This is but the plain alfredo recipe that you can make, and there are a lot more if you choose to do different ones. But if you are in a hurry or you are just beginning to learn this recipe, this alfredo recipe is where you should start.

How To Cook Seafood Quick And Easy

The world loves seafood because it tastes good and there are so many varieties and cooking possibilities for it. It’s quite nutritious if you make it correctly. For those who wish to begin preparing shellfish, here are a few hints: Seafood takes less time to cook. One of the joys of a recipe with seafood is that it is easy to cook. Once the cleaning and washing are finished, preparing seafood is a snap!

No matter how you cook them, fish usually take close to ten minutes per inch of thickness. Remember to turn the fish halfway through and slice the fish as thin as possible. If you are a beginner I suggest you start with a recipe with shrimps because these are the simpllest among seafood recipes. Fat-filled fish, such as salmon and tuna are excellent for most cooking methods. Certain fish, like grouper or tilapia, require added moisture or basting if you bake or broil them.

Fish only needs to be cooked for about 18 to 20 minutes if it’s been frozen. If you are cooking different kinds of seafood simultaneously, cook the ones with a similar cooking time together. For preparing fish, place it skin side down in the pan. For preparing an entire fish, it is preferable to use a thermometer. Insert this device into the part of the fish where it is thickest and make sure the temperature has reached 60C or 140F.

Marinating your seafood before cooking Seafood is one of the simplest foods to cook and may be seasoned during and after cooking. But, if you desire a strong flavor, marinate it. Hold onto a little marinade to pour on for basting before adding the raw seafood. By keeping the soaked seafood inside the refrigerator, we can reduce the risk of bacteria. When you are finished, get rid of the marinade. Uncooked liquid from the seafood usually has bacteria, which causes the marinade to be unsanitary to use again. Cooking seafood Most seafood, such as fish, oysters, clams and scallops, turn opaque when cooked.

When cooking seafood remember that overdone equals terrible taste. 3 to 5 minutes of cooking on this step is plenty. If you’re baking or broiling, don’t forget to baste your seafood, lest you want your company to stain your rug spitting out pieces of burnt, dry lobster.

Paleo Diet Back To School Recipes

It is that time of the year age. Paleo kid back to school recipes that are nutritious and easy to prepare. Take control of your health. FREE Paleo Recipes: Fruit Cereal wheat and dairy free, Trail Mix Recipes, Pumpkin Seed Treat, Chicken and Vegetable Soup and Homemade Flax Seed Bread Recipe. ENJOY.

Paleo Fruit Cereal Without Wheat or Dairy

Start the morning out with the fruit cereal without grains, wheat or dairy. Fresh fruits and nuts. To taste used Paleo cow’s milk alternatives of almond milk, hazelnut nut milk or coconut milk. For small portions of each fruit solution is using frozen fruits. That way you only have to defrost portions needed.


5 sliced strawberries

5 blackberries

5 blueberries

5 raspberries

1/4 cup pomegranate seeds

1/4 dried raisins

1/4 cup sliced almonds or walnuts

1/2 cup almond milk, hazelnut milk or coconut milk (to taste)


Combine fruits and nuts.

Put fruits and nuts in bowl

Cover with almond milk, hazelnut milk or coconut milk (to taste)

Serve and Enjoy!

Paleo Trail Mix

Paleo Trail Mix

Trail mix ideal snack for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


– 1 cup roasted almonds

– 1 cup pumpkin seeds

– 3/4 cup sunflower seeds

– 1/2 cup dried slices bananas

– 1 cup dried cranberries

– 1/2 cup raisins

– 1/2 cup dried apricots

Mix ingredients well and store in airtight container in cool location.

Pumpkin Seeds Nutritious Paleo Snack

Pumpkin seeds are great Paleo Snacks. In air tight bag put approximately 1/2 cup of dried pumpkin. Healthy alternative to pre-packaged commercial snacks. Pumpkin seed contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids good fats found in fish. Contains iron which carries oxygen in the blood. 1 oz of pumpkin seeds provides 4mg of iron daily recommendation is 18 mg. Also contains, zinc helps to build and maintain the body’s immune system

Paleo Chicken and Vegetable Soup


1 – cup cut chicken

1/2 cup diced red onions

1/2 cup diced white onions

2 cup diced tomatoes

1 cup cut celery (approx. 2 inches in length)

1 cup sliced carrots

1 cup sliced zucchini

3 tablespoons diced fresh diced parsley

3 tablespoons diced fresh garlic

3 bay leaves

1 tsp grounded pepper ( to taste)

1 tsp salt (to taste)

1 tablespoon olive oil (used to saute vegetables)

3 cups water


– In saucepan saute all ingredients excluding water until vegetables are tender (approximately 10 minutes).

– Remove sauteed vegetables from saucepan. Combine chicken and vegetable in pot mix well.

– Bring to water. Chicken and vegetables to broil then reduced to lower heat.

– Simmer water and vegetables at low heat for approximate 45 minutes


Paleo Flax Seed Bread Recipes

Kids will love a slice of homemade Paleo bread for lunch. Made with flax seed and almond meal. Wheat and dairy free bread recipe.


2/3 cup flax meal

1/3 cup almond meal

1-1.5 tsp baking powder

2 tsps salt to taste

3 tsp olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil

– 1 cup water until mixture is well blended

– Optional can add sage, oregano, cinnamon, natural vanilla and or honey


In mixing bowl, combine dry ingredients. In another bowl, beat eggs together. Mix all ingredients and pour batter into greased loaf pan. The Cook 45 minutes at 350 degrees or until it is cooked all the way through.