Advnatages of TRI PLY Stainless Steel Cookware

Does your food sticks and burns when you cook in stainless steel cookware?

Don’t worry it is not your fault.

The reason your food sticks and burns are because most stainless steel cookware available in India is not thick enough. As stainless steel is not a very good conductor of heat, heat is only retained at the bottom of the cookware which makes food stick to the bottom. In case you are wondering ‘then why bother using stainless steel cookware? Remember that stainless steel is the safest and the most hygienic metal cookware to cook your food in.A You don’t have to sacrifice the safety of stainless steel for convenience if you choose TRI PLY Stainless Steel cookware.

TRI PLY SS cookware is the best of both worlds. TRI PLY as the name suggests is made of three different layers of metals. The innermost layer is made of 304 Food grade stainless steel which provides the Safest and the Most Hygienic surface to cook the food.

The Outermost layer is made of 430 Magnetic stainless steel which makes the cookware induction friendly so that you can use it not only on gas stoves but also on induction cookers, halogen/coil heaters and hot plates. Moreover TRI PLY Stainless Steel cookware can also be used in an oven and is also Dishwasher safe. How convenient is that? You won’t have to worry about washing your dishes now.

The encapsulated layer is made of highly conductive aluminum &ensures quick heating and uniform distribution of heat. These three layers combined form a 2.5 mm thick cookware so that the food doesn’t stick or burn and helps the food cook faster and evenly. As food doesn’t stick like it does in other stainless steel cookware, you will be able to cook with lesser oil if you want.

Another big advantage is that unlike non-stick cookware one can use metal spoons and tools without affecting the looks. The TRI PLY SS cookware has a very long life and though it may be expensive to buy,it is value for money as it would last a lifetime.

So say no to the dangerous and unsafe cookware and adopt the safe and convenient TRI PLY SS Cookware for a better cooking experience and a healthier tomorrow.

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